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Meditative Writing

Bringing Poetry to Medicine

One-on-one Writing Consultations


Developing a Writing Practice

A daily meditative writing practice is a wonderful tool for tapping into creativity, uncovering powerful stories, and getting better acquainted with your mind’s inner workings. Using the wisdom of Natalie Goldberg and Julia Cameron, we will engage with free writing techniques as a group, explore writing exercises together, and offer opportunities for sharing and feedback. Participants will leave with additional resources, tools for continuing their writing practice at home, and the offer of ongoing support.


Inviting the Poetic  

Creating a sense of meaning and purpose is essential for happiness— this is especially true for those in high-pressure work environments. Poetry allows us to reconnect with our empathy, teaches us how best to allow life and death to exist together, fortifies us in the face of crisis and trauma. We’ll read selected poems together and talk about inviting poetry and meaning on a daily basis, both in our work and personal lives. We will also use exercises to generate our own poems in a supportive, low-pressure environment.


Embracing Creativity in Business

Creativity is essential for a thriving business. In this workshop, participants will learn exercises to brainstorm more effectively, excel as a team, and shake off unhelpful patterns of thinking. This workshop can be conducted as a one-time event or as part of an on-going program.


One-on-One Writing Consultations

I work one-on-one with writers to engage in conversation about their work, offer feedback, and explore ideas about organizing and approaching projects. This is a chance to discuss your work, hopes for your writing, and the place of creativity in your life in a comfortable setting with a supportive fellow-writer.  

Note: Having a prepared piece of writing is not necessary to book a session. I am available to discuss approaching a new idea, getting over writer’s block, dealing with feelings of overwhelm, and simply getting words on the page.

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Also available for audition coaching + creative consultations.